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About Us

Bucklands Beach Yacht Club is situated in popular Half Moon Bay, Auckland, New Zealand, a marine suburb with a local population drawn to the area by the attractive water activities. The Club is well placed to offer facilities for training and encouragement to young enthusiasts as well as experienced yachties and boaties. 

Several international and Olympic sportsmen and women are members - among them Barbara and Bruce Kendall and Joey Allen of Team NZ. 

The ongoing investment in J24 Keelboats is giving young sailors the opportunity to advance their skills. An Optimist Training School is teaching large numbers of youngsters basic sailing skills. Advanced coaching in competition sailing has shown results in National Contests.

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The clubhouse is intended for the general relaxation of its members, meetings of committees and organisation of club activities.  Portions of the Clubhouse may be made available to members or other associated organisations for special social or educational functions at the discretion of the Management Board provided there is no conflict with regular social, after-race or committee activities.

Members must carry their membership card and produce it when requested.
Members and their guests must obey the Duty Manager’s requests.
No offensive language or behaviour. Clubroom’s bars are to be vacated 30 minutes after the closing of the bar.

Members must accompany their guests into the clubhouse at the rate of not more than ten persons per attendance.  Members must enter their guest’s name and address in the guest book on arrival.

Members are responsible for their guest’s behaviour throughout their visit.
Members must be present with their guests.
Guests must obey all clubhouse rules.
Junior members may not sign in guests. Only full paid up senior or intermediate members and approved visiting YNZ affiliated club members may sign their guests in.

Members are expected to maintain a reasonable and clean standard of dress and footwear at all times.

Wet weather gear, boots, hats and caps, singlets, bathing suits and bare feet are not permitted past the entrance foyer.
Members or guests whose dress is not up to standard will be refused entry.

It is the responsibility of parents to keep their children under control at all times.

Please Note:
Children are to wear shoes at all times.
Children must be supervised in the kids room at all times.
There is to be no running and screaming in the clubhouse.
Children are not to go upstairs unaccompanied by an adult.
Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult at all times.

No pets are permitted within the clubhouse at any time.