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The rubbish bins are emptied on Monday and Friday. These bins are positioned on the island opposite pier one and two. The club caterer and marina pay for the cost of the rubbish bins. Please note that these rubbish bins are for Club and Marina use only. If you see any unauthorised use, please report this to the office or the Dock Master - Brian Berriman 0274 937 947 or 534 3465.

Your BBYC plastic card gives you (and your guests under your supervision) access to the clubhouse toilets, showers, telephone and emergency oxygen cylinder (opposite the paraplegic toilet) 24 hours a day. 

Member parking in the main car park south of the clubhouse, please display your parking stickers. Cars parked for more than 15 minutes in the loading areas maybe towed away. Angle parking facing the marina is for berth holders displaying (BBYC Marina Berth Holder) authorised parking stickers only. Long Term parking and extra cars are to park in Front of the Clubhouse. NO PARKING in dockmaster Car Park at all times. For overnight or long term parking please use parking in front of the Club NOT in front of Marina.

There are security cameras operating in the marina area keeping Surveillance. Please ensure that the marina gates are closed at all times and report any suspicious activity. Don’t hold open gates with trolleys.

The inside of the floating breakwater is available for club members’ vessels while collecting and delivering crew and gear. Maximum time 15 minutes. No vessels are to be left unattended unless organised the the Club office. The owners of any vessels left over night on the floating breakwater will be fined $50 and a repeat occurrence could result in disciplinary action.

Vessels leaving the marina have right of way over vessels entering the marina. ALL vessel operators should take extreme care when entering or leaving the marina. Be aware that there is normally a strong current in the entrance that could affect your vessel so check the direction of the tide before proceeding through the entrance.

Work berths are available for rent and berth owners who wish to rent their berth out should contact the Office on 5343046 in the first instance or the Dock Master – Brian Berriman – 534 3465 or 0274 937 947.

Please return after use to storage area west of the clubhouse. Please clean & wash out after any spillage.

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