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BBYC Haulout

So, you want to haul your boat at BBYC’s Yard at Grangers Point?


Over 60 years, BBYC’s Haul out has hauled over a thousand boats, 677 of these in the last 18 years.  We offer competitive rates and are ideal for many owners but will not suit everyone.  Be sure you understand what it is and isn’t part of the BBYC haul out offer.


BBYC’s Haul out is run by Club Volunteers.  The system only works when it is a partnership between the Haul out Team and the vessels Owner.  Both sides have responsibilities.  If you are not prepared to play your part, then we urge you to use a commercial yard.


Keep this checklist and work through the stages.  Read it carefully so you understand the process. 

This will save you time and saves our Haul out Volunteers from the need to repeat themselves.




Stage One – is the BBYC Haul out for me?

  • There are restrictions on what we can do, and when and how we do things.  We cannot make exceptions.  Read this year’s Application Form <Click on link> and Haul out Rules <Click on link>.  Read them carefully.  You must comply with all conditions.  

       If you cannot adjust your ‘non-negotiables’, please book in with a commercial yard.

  • You need four vital boat measurements.  With many different boat designs, providing these is your responsibility as the vessel owner. 

  1. Your boat’s displacement.   This includes engine, rigging and standard equipment.  Haul out does not haul boats above 7.5 tonne.

  2. Your boat’s draft: the height from the bottom of the keel to the waterline. 

  3. Your boat’s maximum beam.  On many boats this can be measured at the gunwales.  Some boats have tumblehome – where the boat is wider at, or below, the waterline.   You need the widest measurement.  Take care when you calculate it as it must be accurate, or we will not haul your vessel.

  4. Your boat’s beam: measure it at the mast.

  • We only operate between May and November.  There is less demand before July, and it may be easier to accommodate you then.  The months of October and November are our peak season, and the Yard is at maximum capacity.

  • All cradles are privately owned, and numbers are limited.  All cradles must be certified by the engineer appointed by BBYC (including your cradle if you have one).  Cradles are in heavy demand.   We do our best to match your desired dates with a suitable cradle for your boat, but you need to be patient as our resources are limited.


Stage One:  When you tick this box and can comply, go to Stage 2    □


Stage Two – complete and submit the Application Form

Nothing will happen until you fully complete your Application Form and submit it to the BBYC Office (not anywhere else).

Our Volunteers cannot nurse-maid owners who cannot complete the application form.

These common mistakes mean your application will not be progressed any further:

  • Not answering all the questions (it is your responsibility to know your boat’s details)

  • Not providing proof (a receipt) that you have paid for insurance, with Public Liability / Third Party cover of $5 million (minimum acceptable).  A quote will not be accepted: it does not prove you have valid, current, and fully paid insurance. 

  • Not paying the $50 Deposit.

In addition, BBYC Haul out is for bona fide Club Members.  You must pay a full year’s membership (August to July), plus any additional months using the Haul out Yard outside of that period.  If hauling (May/June) and you pay the full year ‘in advance’ you will not have to pay any increase, if agreed by the Board by the next AGM. 


Stage Two – when you have submitted your completed Application Form with the insurance details

and paid the Deposit, tick this Box, and move to Stage 3.    □


Stage 3 - What now?

You will be contacted by the Haul out Administrator after submitting your form to the BBYC Office. 

Note that an accepted form is no guarantee that you will be hauled.  The Haul out Administrator juggles individual requests, desired dates, cradles of the right strength and tides of the right height and time.  There are also unavoidable delays (weather, impossible tides, work over-runs by others) and more besides. 

At this stage you have made your request, but now need patience, understanding, and the ability to compromise.

If you have tight personal schedules, and must do things by certain dates, then we urge you to go to a commercial yard as we may not be able to meet your demands.


Stage 4 – Hauling date received, it’s all go! 

Your to do list:

  • Contact the cradle owner, finalize cradle paperwork, and offer to help assemble the cradle.

  • Adjust the cradle for your boat – this is where you need measurements 2, 3 and 4 from Stage 1.

       Read How to measure boat and set up cradle.  <Click on link>.

  • View the BBYC Haul out ‘How to’ Video to understand what happens: this is essential.  <Click on link>.

  • Read the How to enter your cradle on the Ramp at Grangers Point.   <Click on link>. 

      Print it and keep it on the boat for your haul.

  • Haulout Volunteers give their time to haul you.  Please be respectful of our volunteers.  You must arrive on time (preferably early).  Often several boats are hauled on the same day and any delays accumulate.  If delayed too much, the last boat may be cancelled as the tide has fallen too far. If you are not ready, you will miss your spot and move to the end of the list.


Stage 5 – What you will do when you are in the Yard.

Plan your Yard time carefully.  If limited to weekend work, the Club expectation is that you will be there every weekend.  Clear your diary and use all the good weather you are given – you may need it.  Your cradle is needed by others, and they are in short supply.  With minor exceptions, you need to supply your own equipment, water blaster, ladder and so on.     It is easy to take things apart, and often takes 7 times as long to reassemble.  Read the Haul Out Rules again about what you can, and can’t, do.

To avoid crossed wires, refer only to the Yard Coordinator: Graeme Fearnley 027 649 9144 unless told otherwise.

Click here for Haulout Application Form

Click here to view Haulout Rules

Click here to view Haul out rules - ladder and safety

Click here to view "Haulout How To" Information for boats being hauled.

Click here to view How to enter your cradle on the Ramp at Grangers Point


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