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BBYC Haulout

This yard is run by volunteers and is only available to fully paid up club members.  We operate from 01 May to 30 November each year, hauling on Saturdays.  Should the sea state preclude operations on the Saturday, the team will often try to haul the next day (Sunday).

We have power and water available on the hardstand.  Ideal for the DIY person, our fees (see below) are significantly less than Half Moon Bay Marina, as we do not have all their facilities. Because of our low fees, we are an ideal place to be for those longer jobs to be done.

Due to our location, we do have very stringent rules on noise and cleanliness. The yard has security cameras monitoring the southern half, and the images are wirelessly linked back to the system at the main clubhouse.

You need to provide your own cradle.  If you do not have one, there are many owned by our regular users and it is easy to loan one.  It is not uncommon to see a cradle with two, three or even four different boats in it during the season.

Those wishing to use the yard must lodge a booking form with the office. 


You will be contacted by the Yard Coordinator and given a time to be ready to haul.  If you have not hauled at our facility before, we do ask that you come and watch how it’s done to help ensure a smooth and trouble free experience.

Contact: Yard Coordinator Graeme Fearnley 027 6499 144  Yard Administrator: Mike Lord 021 389 643

Our committee meetings are held April through November on the third Thursday of the month.  These meetings are open to anyone who uses our haulout facilities and you are welcome to attend.

Click here for Haulout Application Form

Click here to view Haulout Rules

Click here to view "Haulout How To" Information for boats being hauled.


Haul Out Fees:

Please refer to the Haulout Application Form


Measuring up your Boat and Setting up the Cradle

What you need to know...

  • The distance between the forward and rear horns of the cradle (A)

  • The draft of your boat (D)

  • The height of your gunwale above the bottom of the keel abeam the mast (H)

  • Measure the beam of the boat at the mast (BF)

  • Measure the beam of the boat (BA) at distance (A) aft of the mast


To set up the cradle

  • Make a mark or wrap some tape around the forward horns at the level of the waterline (D) [so the guys know how far to put the cradle in]

  • Set the forward arms apart at the height (H) by the distance (BF).  Make sure the arms are symmetrical about the centre line of the cradle

  • Set the rear arms apart at the height (H) by the distance (BA).  Make sure the arms are symmetrical about the centre line of the cradle.  Now open the right rear arm of the cradle out by enough to allow the widest part of the boat through as you float in.


Piece of cake.  Your boat should sit in the cradle with the mat between the front horns.

picture of measuring up your boat.png
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