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Past Events

Summer Cruising 2022

E Stello Summer Cruising Race 28th January 2022

photo 2.jpg
photo 3.jpg
photo 10.jpg
PIC Winter Series 27.0623.jpg

PIC Winter Series - June 2021

PIC Winte Series 27th June6.jpg
J24 PIC Winter Series 27th June.jpg

Live Music at the Yacht Club - June 2021
Black, White and Brindle


Mid-Winter Christmas Dinner June 2021


Poker Night May 2021

Poker Night2.jpg
Poker Night4.jpg
Poker Night1.jpg

Prize Giving 2021

Bucklands Beach Yacht Club Annual Prize Giving 8th May 2021

We had a huge turn out of more than 150 people from Sailing Academy, Centreboard & Keeler.  A big Thank you to Joy Adams this years guest speaker.  The event was enjoyed by all!

americas cup.jpg

Junior Learn to Sail 2020-2021

Our Learn to Sail season for the Juniors we saw 120 participants do our Level 1,2 & 3

courses a great season had by all. 


BBYC Fan Zone 2021

Bucklands Beach Yacht Club Ultimate Fan Zone for the 2021 Americas Cup

head sail room photo.jpg
Deck photo.jpg
deck photo2.jpg
deck photo3.jpg

Casino Night 2020

The Casino Night was an exciting night with a great turnout.

Fortunes were won and lost on the night and we would like to thank everyone who attended.


Art Show 2020

The Art Show was held from 4th to 8th Nov 2020.

Below are images from the event. Thank you to everyone who submitted art and made the show possible!

Art Show 2020d.jpg
Art Show 2020.jpg
Art Show 2021.jpg

Melbourne Cup 2020

The Melbourne Cup was held from 2nd Nov 2020.

Below are images of the best dressed man and woman from the event. Thank you to all who attended, dressed up - and made for a memorable event!

Brett King Winner of best dressed.jpg
Ladies winner melbourne cup.jpg
Winner melbourne cup.jpg

Xmas Party 2020

Santa came to the BBYC  on Sunday 6th December 2020 at for the annual Children's Christmas party
A big thank you to Santas little helpers who helped decorate our 2020 BBYC Christmas Tree

xmas party2.jpg
xmas party1.jpg
xmas party3.jpg


Open Day February 2020

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