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Secondary School Sailing has been running for over 20 years. The first national championships were in 1984.

The way school teams race, is with two sailors in each boat, who race against another school team. The team with the best combined boat scores wins. Teams are identified by coloured sails, team mates can help each other by stealing an opposition boats winds, or using the rules to block the opposition from getting around the course.

Races are short sprints, only 10 minutes long and teams sail 10 or more races a day. The boats used are called 420's, they are a fast racing dinghy, BBYC has a fleet of 12 boats set up for school sailing.

BBYC currently coaches St Kentigerns, Pakuranga, Macleans and Sancta Maria and also have a Mixed School Team They all have sailors of different abilities who we train into an effective team.  The teams will be trained towards the NZTA Spring Regatta and South of the Bridge Team Racing Qualifier Ranking Regatta, and the top teams will go through to the Nationals.

For futher details Please Contact Sarah Jane Fairley 
  Tel: 095343046 ext coach

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